28 November 2016

IvanHoe 999945 Android Chess Engine


Ivanhoe is a free, open-source UCI chess engine by Yakov Petrovich Golyadkin, Igor Igorovich Igoronov, Roberto Pescatore, Yusuf Ralf Weisskopf, Ivan Skavinsky Skavar and Decembrists (all), a derivative of IppoLit.

Acknowledgments: Yuri Censor (Dmitri Gusev) thanks Jose Velasco (Velmarin), Kranium (Norman Schmidt), Jon Dart, Jim Ablett, and Andrey Chilantiev for their support, help and advice. 

License: PUBLICDOMAIN (workers).
Dedication: To Vladimir Ilyich plus Zog 1 with Albania.

Ivanhoe 1945a is a mod by Yuri Censor. The code is based primarily on IvanHoe 999946h. Some code was borrowed from Ivanhoe.x64.VE.f.


armv7-pgo, armv7-nopie, arm64v8 : HERE


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  2. arm7 and arm8 working fine! There is a small delay before the engine starts to work, I think it will not affect its returns. Thank you Aprijal! Your work is appreciated!

  3. Any good news about multi threads?

    1. Multi threads work fine on my device.

    2. Mmm. Very exciting! Because we had first a build running multicore but with only 1 MB hash and a second build full hash but single core. If we have multicore and hash together now, I guess this time Ivan can reach 3050+ ELO in Rapidroid. You deserve congrats.

  4. On MTK6752: arm7 981 knps, arm8 1257 knps. CfA 5.2.5 / 8 cores / 256 hash / 1 minute. I'm happy with SMP functionality.

  5. Doesn't work with CfA on my device. It plays all games in 1 second and shows the result of tournament. Weird

  6. Sorry Aprijal, the engine is working fine. My stupidity I chose random play in CfA by mistake ;) Keep up the good work

  7. Very strong!Thanks for sharing Aprijal