13 February 2017

Rodent II Risky Android Chess Engine

Rodent II Risky by Pawel Koziol

Rodent II is an open source chess engine by Pawel Koziol, licensed under GPL 3.0. It is based on a much weaker engine Sungorus 1.4 by Pablo Vazquez.  It is designed to allow the user to vary its playing strength and characteristics by allowing the user to set a wide variety of variables affecting the engine's play.  These can also be pre-set by the user through the use of a number of personality files.

Rodent II is a UCI protocol compliant chess engine.  It is operated through a command line interface.  If the user wants to have a graphical user interface, Rodent II can be used with chess GUI programs such as Knights (KDE), glChess (Gnome), pyChess (Gnome) or other UCI compliant chess GUI program.


armv7, armv7-nopie, arm64v8 : HERE


  1. arm7-arm8 working fine! Thank you!

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    1. Eva do you compile engines for android too ?