30 April 2017

Protector 1.9.0 Android Chess Engine

Protector 1.9.0

Protector is an UCI compliant open source chess engine written by Raimund Heid in C, distributed under the GNU General Public License GPL.
What's Changes:
- Fix bug "thread" on android.
- Fix UCI protocol.


armv7-pgo, armv7-nopie, arm64v8 : HERE


  1. Does it finally play tournament games with CfA? If yes, that will be incredible.

    1. Yesterday i've started the first round with Protector in 2nd division. After 20 gauntlet games, the pgn looks okay when Protector plays white. But with Black all the games are terminated by Protector after playing 1 to 6 moves. The engine hangs until flag. I guess there's still a problem with ending the first game and starting the second with reversed colors. Maybe something related to hash clearing or a conflicting thread somehow. What more can be done now? The engine is really 3000+ if we can fully use it.

    2. Please tell me step by step how to reproduce that's issue, I don't have that issue on my device. Maybe about opening book, engine, TC, etc.

    3. It's a gauntlet with Protector vs 9 opponents. TC is 900+1. In CfA i choose engine tournament with all openings of a pgn and with engines playing both sides. The pgn opening contains just 1 unfinished game of 20 plies. I will send you the tournament pgn too, so that you can analyze.

    4. What's happen about your pgn, I'm still waiting that.

    5. https://app.box.com/s/div4sxn2bcsxxwfj34akhb22fov0yed3

  2. https://chat.whatsapp.com/AL3l3cdRmp4I5FP5qN9Uyn

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